What is English breakfast?

What is English breakfast?
What is English breakfast?
Is a full English breakfast the best breakfast ever, with bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, Irish soda bread, and beans all on one plate? I'll admit that I've never had a truly full English breakfast. Not in England, or indeed anywhere else in the world, other from right here, at home. However, I was conversing with a guy who had recently relocated from England. He mentioned that he missed eating breakfast without hash browns, particularly a full English breakfast, the most. For almost five minutes, he waxed lyrical about how great it was, but I wasn't convinced. Since Mike had consumed numerous full English meals in London, he was nodding in agreement with him. But what about me? Nope. The first time Mike showed me a picture of a traditional English breakfast a few days later, I really wasn't interested. It was a huge plate, and it was really stunning. So, what is English breakfast? Even though I might have been extremely hungry, nothing seemed better in my eyes at the time. The Full English Obsession with Irish and Scottish breakfast thus got underway. Here is what Mike and I came up with after taking a quick look around the town for ingredients.

What is a full English breakfast with fried bread?

The United Kingdom and Ireland both provide a hearty breakfast meal with a huge pork chop with fried and toasted bread called a full English, which is also frequently referred to as a fry up. As a result of the tremendous popularity of full English breakfasts, they are effectively offered as a breakfast-anytime option throughout the whole day. A full English traditional breakfast often consists of fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, and back bacon in addition to eggs, fried tomato, and bacon.

The internet states that complete English breakfasts require:

There may be two or three different kinds of sausages on a plate, but I believe that everyone merely chooses the ones they like. We chose standard breakfast sausages and some black pudding, which it appears that most people also insist on having. Back bacon is bacon with fried eggs that also contains a small amount of the loin; it resembles a very thin pork chop but is smoked as opposed to ordinary bacon, which is prepared from a hog belly with british baked beans. I notice that this bacon isn't particularly crispy. Eggs: Quite simple; I've seen sunny-side-up eggs on every full English plate. Tomatoes are halved along their equator, fried in a skillet, and then seasoned with salt and pepper and white pudding. They are only slightly cooked and given a little color.

Irish soda bread

Mushrooms with full breakfast could seem like a take-it-or-leave-it item, but because we're going all out, they're obviously necessary. They are prepared as normal, well-browned, and caramelized. Don't call it to toast since I've seen online arguments start over the bread. No, using a toaster is not sufficient on its own. Bread must be FRIED like fried egg, either in oil or butter. Beans are a must-have food! Even though I've never really had beans for breakfast, the dish is traditional. Because that's what Heinz does in England and because their teal cans are just too adorable, we chose them.

A full English breakfast recipe: baked beans

Making full English requires some juggling and two pans because multitasking is a key component of the process. You are capable of doing it. Warm the beans. In a small pot over low heat, open the can of beans and reheat while stirring occasionally. Cook the bacon and sausage. Cook the British food sausages over medium-low heat, flipping as necessary, until browned and well-cooked while the beans are warming. While adding the bacon and flipping the sausages as necessary, push the sausages to one side. Add the black pudding to the pan and fry, flipping it once. Over a low flame, keep the pan contents warm.
French-style breakfast
Cook the tomatoes and fried mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms in a different pan until they are browned and caramelized. Relocate to the side. Tomatoes should be added cut side down and seared. Cook the eggs as you fry the bread. Remove the meats from the pan, then fry the bread till crisp and golden in the drippings. In the same pan that the mushrooms and tomatoes were in, fry the eggs. Serve and relish! Place the beans in the center of the plate, followed by the bacon at 1-2, the sausages at 3, and the eggs at 6. If you are eating blood pudding with orange juice, place it on the dish at 8 o'clock, add the tomatoes at 11 o'clock, and the mushrooms at 12. Fried bread can be served on a side plate or nestled anywhere. Enjoy!


Sausages for breakfast table. Choose high-quality sausages, preferably from your neighborhood butcher rather than the supermarket. Choose a freshly ground, plainly spiced pork sausage. In the UK, Cumberland or Lincolnshire sausages with a coarse grind are frequently preferred.
  • Brown pudding
Although not absolutely necessary, black pudding is very popular, and those who love it will die on that hill. You may purchase this from your local butcher when you purchase sausages. Ask for blood sausage if the black pudding isn't available.
  • British bacon
Not the bacon we are accustomed to in North America is the bacon in the UK. Pork loin and some belly are used to make back bacon. The pork chops are the same cut, but they are thinner and smoked. Again, a professional butcher should be able to do this.
  • Eggs
The only way I've ever seen bacon eggs cooked in full English is sunny-side up, but feel free to experiment. The English breakfast police won't come after you, in my opinion.
  • Tomatoes
Traditional field tomatoes—no romas, no cherries, and nothing too fancy.
  • Mushrooms
Halved plain brown (or cremini) mushrooms. You may add fried onions.
  • Pan-fried bread
Thick-cut bread that is never toasted and is cooked in oil or drippings. I believe that a typical supermarket white bread, not a sourdough or country loaf, is what is required. No way is it brown!


Any kind of potato is unacceptable for english breakfast society while speaking proper English. Filler is what you would call them. If you even think of adding fries to your order, you might end up being stabbed. Even if you make bubble and squeak, which is a dish consisting of fried potatoes mixed with cabbage, there will still be some individuals who are interested in you.
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