You can make anything you like with all of these different ingredients!

The base can be either a baked potato or a sweet potato, depending on your preference. There is a selection of approximately 20 vegan toppings from which to choose, some of which are brussels sprouts, broccoli, beetroot, artichoke, mushrooms, beans, chickpeas, olives, pasta, and other items. Because cheese and herb quark are already included in the standard potato dish, the vegan option gives you the freedom to select an additional topping. After you have chosen whether to include vegetables or pasta in your potato dish, the dressing and herbs will be added to the potato. After you have finished, you are free to take as much bread as you want from the basket.

The benefits of the healthy eating habit It's no secret that there are benefits to eating healthily. If you want your body to function optimally, you should eat nutritious food. Investing in one's physical health is the best way to ensure long-term financial security. It's never too late to start eating healthier in order to reverse all the negative effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle, even if your life is getting busier and your eating habits are getting worse.

Supports an Optimal Approach to Fat Loss People all over the world struggle with obesity and overweight. Luckily, you can lessen the severity of this problem by sticking to a healthy diet. Eating more green vegetables, whole fruits, healthy fats (olive oil, fish oil, nuts, seeds), lean protein (skinless chicken breast, fish, eggs, mushrooms, tofu, and lentils), and whole grains can help you eat fewer calories.

Second, it improves the overall health of your heart If you regularly overindulge in junk food, booze, and cigarettes, you can expect to have heart problems. High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides cause plaque buildup in the coronary arteries, which in turn weakens the heart muscle. Including healthy foods like fresh green vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, and plant sources of protein in your diet, while reducing your intake of meat and avoiding unhealthy foods like junk food, animal fat, and sugary foods, can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Our menu is pretty various!

If you have any ideas or wishes concerning the food, feel free to discuss them with the waiter or even with the cook! Drinks: Tea, Fresh coffee.

Dishes: Steak and Ale pie (served with seasonal vegetables), Homity Pie, Filled Jacket Poptato, Ploughman's, Fresh, organic, gluten-free soup with crusty bread or gluten-free Panini, Toasted sandwiches.

Desserts: Home-baked cakes.

Additional products: Cream teas, Traditional breakfasts, Organic soup, Soft drinks, Chilli, Sandwiches, Salads, and lots more.

More details about our menu

Our specialty is vegan and gluten-free bowls, such as the Japanese bowl (which includes ramen, edamame, and eggplant) and the Protein bowl, which both feature ramen, edamame, and eggplant (butternut squash, quinoa, edamame beans, beetroot, etc.). You can also choose from a selection of hot bowls, such as the "Harvest bowl" that includes portobello mushrooms, roasted sweet potato, and a quinoa blend, or the "Thai Rice bowl" that includes rice, red lentil curry, and peanuts. Both of these bowls are available. You can also create your own bowl by choosing from the list of more than 30 different options and then adding toppings. You also have the option of choosing from a few different kinds of soup. The entire menu is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those avoiding gluten. In addition to that, you have the option of purchasing beverages such as warm beverages or cold beverages to go along with your meal.