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Compassion will save the world
Be yourself in this community!
Fulfilled Whims
My coffee shop is my haven, a place where I can go to escape reality and pretend that I am part of a neighborhood that looks out for its customers. My imagined companions from the nomadic society are here as well and are seated at the tables with me. Our brains are designed to engage in conversation with other people. Even when we are by ourselves, we have a fundamental need to make and maintain social connections. A terrible blow is dealt to the higher brain when we realize that we are alone and that our life's purpose requires us to develop the skills of a warrior rather than those of a pampered princess. Nevertheless, we need to persuade not only ourselves but also those around us that this community is safe and that we are part of a larger group. Because of this, I give my primitive brain a little of what it craves, just enough to get me through being here in this cafe, surrounded by the sounds of people, their scent, their occasional glances, and the chatter of the baristas.
Since the machines haven't started up yet, I'm thinking about sneaking in some extra sleep and going outside to enjoy the fresh air while I wait for them to warm up. Although it is obvious that the barista is worn out, you can still detect a trace of kindness in her eyes. She is a glimmer of hope because she is one of the few people who has been able to maintain their integrity. As my own weary smile spreads across my face, I ask for my Danish to be warmed and then apologize, saying, "Sorry, I just want it to be really warm in such weather today." as my portion is being heated up. I see a very slight increase in her natural luminosity, a softening of her expression, and a very slight increase in the amount of happiness in her eyes. The proverb "That's alright, dear, sometimes we even should to fulfill our whims." Suddenly, I find myself laughing, and that makes me feel a little bit better. "I appreciate your patience in listening to my complaints. It was an ideal solution to my problem."
Occasional Glances
New Technology
The ambiance of the cafe, its homey aroma, draws my soul into its cocoon for a few blessed moments. By Angela Abraham.

We are an always welcoming cafe, we are very happy to see our regular customers!

- Customer service/wait staff who take orders, handle money and deliver food are really friendly and understanding people. - Baristas who craft customer drinks are really talkative and always welcoming. - Cooks who prepare food, keep the kitchen clean, handle food storage sometimes are there for you to describe the process of cooking your dish. - Management of inventory is very quick. - Bussers or dishwashers wash the dishes very thoroughly as they are really clean. You are welcome to take a seat at any of the tables that are located around here, or you can go to the reclaimed-wood coffee bar that is located in the back. A barista is the subject of your gaze right now. You will be greeted with a smile that is both warm and friendly from him or her. Proceed to the next counter in order to buy and receive your coffee, as well as to make your payment at that location. As you make your way to the dining table, the old wooden floor greets you with its characteristic creaking sound. I'll take a big wooden chair, if you don't mind. You can bet that your eyes will be drawn to the cup just before you take that first mouthful of coffee because it smells and looks so good. It has the look of having been aged luxuriously. The cup itself is made of porcelain in a pure white color, while the embellishments are made of bronze. The freshly brewed coffee makes your hands feel nice and toasty. The smoky aroma and flavor is very invigorating.

Imagine how you'll react when you come to visit our cafe for the first time!

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